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99,99% Accurancy

Double OCR and manual quality checking

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Structured output


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Whether you want to digitize historical documents, yellowed medical records or chemical laboratory data: tool-e-byte is your specialist for difficult templates and large volumes. Especially when things get tricky, we really get going!

Detection accuracy up to 99,99 %

Thanks to our unique approach, we can also digitize Fraktur fonts, scientific formulas or damaged documents in the highest quality – and achieve an accuracy of up to 99,99 %. We use “Double OCR” for this purpose, i.e. we have the scanned documents recognized by two different OCR engines. But that’s not all: Afterwards, our experienced employees correct incorrectly scanned data in a multi-stage, manual quality assurance process – depending on the quality of the document and your requirements. It is often sufficient for German-speaking employees and native German speakers to check your texts. In the case of texts with gaps, on the other hand, we consult Germanists and/or experts in the respective field who can competently complete missing words or areas.

Flexibility thanks to structured output

Another plus point that speaks for our digitization service TEB-DOCR: We deliver your data in structured form, as XML files. For a newspaper, for example, you receive one XML file per newspaper article – not just per page or issue – so that you can monetize each article individually. Thanks to XML you also know, for example, where this article is on the page, in which department it falls and whether it is damaged, because you can define individual metadata as you wish. It goes without saying that you also receive PDF, Word or InDesign files as well as the complete edition of the newspaper as ePaper.

Large volumes in a short time

Our employees live and work in Europe, South America and India. This enables us to offer you this service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and to process even large volumes – we are talking about several hundred thousand pages – promptly.

Demanding customers

For good reasons leading publishing houses, among others, rely on tool-e-byte. For example, the Axel Springer Syndication commissioned us to digitize all editions of the fashion magazine DIE DAME – one of the outstanding, free-spirited publications of its time with contributions from world-famous authors and artists – from the 1920s completely in color. In addition, the Axel Springer Syndication recently commissioned us to digitally back up the daily newspaper “Die WELT” for the 1940s and 1950s. We would be happy to discuss your digitisation project without any obligation and provide you with an individual offer

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